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Drive In Amplifier for Guitar (Linda)

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Our Drive-In Guitar Amplifier is a customized and handmade, “true” guitar amplifier that is both modern and vintage. Reclaiming the vintage speaker housings from the drive in theaters of yesteryear, We build you a custom guitar amplifier that is incredibly rugged, portable and most importantly, sounds superb!


We can do any color you want for your amplifier case. Our standard colors are included and if you would like something more custom, we will add a small charge and it may take extra time to obtain the powder in the color you want. If the knob exists and you want us to put that on your custom amp, we will need some extra time to order them.

There are a lot of amps out there that do all kinds of cool things and sometimes for less money. Our amplifier is made just for you by hand, rugged and made to last.


  • True Guitar Amplifier Electronics - 14 Watts
  • Robust Speaker - 4 OHMS
  • Volume, Treble and Bass Controls with True Audio Potentiometers
  • Rugged, Hand Built Construction
  • 12V 3A Power Supply

Check out our Videos and Pictures of Custom Builds in the Gallery!


This is a great way to personalize the Drive In Amplifier if you plan to give one as a unique gift or just gift yourself!

We create your custom decal and affix it to the bottom of the amplifier case as it is a large area and it looks really cool. We do this after powder coating and along with all the other labeling. It is then sprayed with clear for durability.

Just add this to your order and we will reach out right away to send you the extra details, what to expect and get your specific desire.