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Larouex Software Design

Big Audio Collabanator (JackTrip)

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The Big Audio Collabanator is our hand built and custom crafted Audio Device for the “Network Arts” designed to be your “Audio Engineer in a Box”.

We designed the device as a fully “plug and play” solution with the following capabilities…

  • Powerful Linux Computer optimized for Audio
  • Front Touchscreen (no keyboard/mouse required, but supported!)
  • Audio Input and Output supporting TRS and XLR connectors
  • Highest Fidelity Audio Board and Processing Engine
  • JackTrip Ready! Supporting both Server and Client Scenarios
  • HDMI Output Support
  • Wifi and Ethernet Support
  • Switchable Cooling Fan (Silent mode)
  • AC Powered with Standard Computer Cord
  • USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse, Wifi Extensibility and Audio Devices

We have designed software and integrations into The Big Audio Collabanator that makes it simpler to play with others...

  • Studio Sync - We implemented "Internet of Things" capabilities that make it easy to bring the devices together for a session. Using "Studio Sync" on  Azure IoT Central communicates automation to each device and configures to the designated JackTrip server. You can start making music together in minutes!
  • Playlist Sync - Share files, notes and song lists to each connected device to coordinate and improve productivity.

The Big Audio Collabanator is a full on Linux computer based on a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 gigabytes of ram.

  • Open Standards
  • Based on the Raspberry Pi 4 (easily supports future upgrades)
  • Solid and built for reliability
  • Fully Tested with JackTrip
  • Customizable with your specific colors and branding


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