Events & Catering

Let the Saluminator Cater Your Event

The key to a great event is planning and execution. We specialize in the details and spend that upfront time with you to understand what you want and what is important. Our crew has decades of experience in the hospitality industry and we know how to plan and organize large events. Contact Us to inquire...

We collaborate with you on the following...

  • Event Logistics - Access, Parking, Electrical (we can boondock!), People Flow, Sanitation, Communication (you are always connected to us) and Cleanup.
  • Event Lifecycle - Precise planning of the sequence of Greeting, Appetizers, Beverage Services, Wedding Moments and Food Service.
  • Beverage Service - Modern events need to take into consideration the variety of available Beverages, Pre-Mixed & Aged Cocktails and Inventive Non-Alcoholic options. Our Beverage Director will craft something custom to your desires.
  • Food (Larouex Foods Menus) - We have designed four menus that you can choose from and we have perfected them to be high quality and deliver to a large crowd quickly.
  • Custom Food - We can do anything you want and will work closely with you to craft a menu that impresses. We collaborate with you and take into consideration cost constraints and how we will execute that menu on site.

We deliver to you the plan with all of the above items documented and arranged with visual time lines to simplify understanding the plan. We know things change and we keep all changes to the plan documented and updated in real time. You access and manage the plan and communicate using your custom application on your favorite device.

Our Equipment

We feel that when you put on an event and bring in services that you want to have a professional presentation with excellent representation of quality. We planned our business equipment to be fun, have a vintage vibe, super clean and professional. Our goal is to feature your event and we never make it about us!

Vintage Airstream

We can bring our production to your event and offer unique services featuring our beautifully restored 1977, 31' Airstream Sovereign. It is a blank canvas and we designed it to be used for event service, an intimate on-site Restaurant, Wine & Beverage Service, Retail Sales and whatever you can dream up!

The Hatch features a walk up bar and allows for easy flow for your guests.

The Airtream is very striking in dusk and evening settings.

Yoder - TS-500 Smoking Trailer

Yoder is our Smoking, Grilling and BBQ Trailer.

What we do!

Let's talk BBQ and we do it best.

Saluminator Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Our Saluminator Smoked Baby Back Ribs are rubbed with salt, pepper and Togarashi. They are never "hammy" and have that right amount of pull off the bone.

Saluminator Smoked Texas Styled Brisket

We use Certified Angus Beef® brisket prepared Texas style. Simply prepared by rubbing with sea salt and black pepper.

Texas style is so much more than just the simple rub, it is a process that takes mastering to produce the proper smoke ring, right level of moisture that results in that mouth watering brisket that we feel no other technique even comes close to.

Saluminator Smoked Ham

Larouex Smoked Hams are cured with our savory spices with just the right amount of sweetness. It is a perfect marriage smoked with a mix of mesquite & apple wood, we go low and slow on this ham.

Our Brands and Menus

Larouex Gourmet Foods offers a variety of menu and brand options for your events.

  • Pink Pig BBQ - Our specialty and most diverse options for menus. Under our "Pink Pig BBQ" brand we can offer regional specific BBQ or you can mix and match to your preference. Learn More
  • Bento Larouex - Expertise with Japanese cooking with an emphasis on a diverse set of bites in our Bento Box presentation. This is an excellent option when you want to have a lunch or early evening dinner where all your guests are served at the same time. Learn More
  • Lofty Sandwich - Made to order sandwiches with unique ingredients and amazing quality. Learn More
  • BBQ Buddha Bowls - High protein, super fresh with a focus on healthy ingredients designed as a unique meal in a bowl. Our meats and seafood are the best quality and prepared by us with a focus on natural flavor. Learn More