Buddha Bowls - Ingredients

These are all of the ingredients for our BBQ Buddha Bowl Recipes. We are putting together all of the full nutritional labels and breakdowns for each bowl and that will be coming soon. 

Signature Base Ingredients

  • Emmer Farro - Coming from the excellent Bluebirds farms in Winthrop, Emmer Farro is chewy nutty and an ancient grain. It is high protein. We soak and cook with onion and a little sea salt.
  • Black Beans - These are organic, dried beans. We soak and cook them with orange, salt, pepper and garlic.
  • Spicy Slaw - This celebrates fermentation and it is lightly fermented with red pepper and salt. We finish it with a little oil pepper. It is a little like kimchee and a little like kraut.


  • Salmon - Salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil. Lightly smoked, misting of fresh lemon.
  • Brisket - Our low and slow brisket, Kissed with pepper, salt and a long smoke.
  • Pork Belly - Salt, pepper, red pepper. Smoked and crisped at high heat.
  • Cauliflower - Salt, pepper, curry and olive oil. Roasted at high heat.
  • Portabella - Marinated with GF Tamari, pepper and salt. Lightly smoked and cured.
  • Chicken - Fresh thighs marinated in our South American salsa mix. Lightly smoked.

 All Others

  • Avocado - Haas, fresh.
  • Marinated Red Onions - Bitter orange, sake, mirin, rice vinegar. Cured.
  • Sweet Potato - Baked tossed with agave honey, lime and cayenne, little salt.
  • Nori, Pumpkin Seeds, Cilantro are all natural, nothing added.