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Larouex Foods

Pink Pig BBQ Sauce

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Deep South fermented pepper mash adds a bit of heat and full savory flavor to our popular BBQ sauce. Influenced by the flavor of German and Greek spice mixes prevalent in Memphis and Texas BBQ styles, this sauce is bold and powerful.

Flavor Profile

  • Beefy
  • Vinegar
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Savory

Product Details

  • Bottle Size(s): 12 oz bottle. Total 12 oz
  • Weight: .95 lbs 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The best...

I am always disappointed when I go to a BBQ place and have their BBQ sauce. Never as good as Larry's Memphis BBQ sauce. I always wish I had tucked a bottle in my purse to make my BBQ dining experience better. It has the perfect amount of heat for my taste and an intense flavor that makes everything better.

THANKS! We have rebranded the recipe as Pink Pig BBQ Sauce with just a tad more heat and the same savory profile.

My Favorite

Tangy sauce that enhances and complements meat item! I even tried on a salad. Good stuff

Sauce with a Kick

Combined with the Brisket, when Larouex Gourmet Foods Memphis Style BBQ Sauce is added, a tangy kick of black pepper lingers to remind you that youre no BBQ Sissy!

Like the Review, I love the Right Amount of Heat!

Love the Sauce!

Now lets talk sauce. Larry has been refining his sauce recipes for the last 20 years as well . . . add the sauce and the brisket and you have the perfect combination for any event. Larry Jordan is leading the way in this new era of barbecue.

Yes, Many Fine Moments with You!

Secret Sauce!

You have to eat the brisket with the secret sauce, especially the spicy one, it is amazing, I really like it! Thank you so much Larry for making both the brisket and the sauce, I cant wait for the next round!

Oh My. High Praise Buddy!