Larouex Smoked Brisket

Larouex Smoked Brisket offers an exquisite blend of flavors, meticulously prepared with a commitment to quality and taste. Starting with a hand-selected, whole packer brisket that boasts a perfect layer of fat and rich marbling, this brisket is dry-brined and seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices, including black pepper, smoked paprika, and a hint of cayenne for those who enjoy a gentle kick. The brisket is smoked over a carefully chosen mix of fruitwood and hardwood at a low temperature, ensuring a tender, melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite. After a rigorous smoking process, it's wrapped to preserve its juicy goodness and then allowed to rest, ensuring that the flavors are perfectly melded. Sliced into thick, succulent pieces, our Larouex Smoked Brisket is a testament to the art of smoking meat. Perfect for any occasion, it promises to be the highlight of your event, leaving your guests craving more.