Smoked Holiday Ham
Smoked Holiday Ham
Smoked Holiday Ham
Smoked Holiday Ham
Smoked Holiday Ham

Smoked Holiday Ham

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We evenly portion out the meat order to your specifications and then vacuum seal for freshness. We deliver the portions to you with easy to distribute packaging. You can leave it "Do Not Portion" or choose from the options below and select a portioning size...

Larouex Smoked Hams are cured with our savory spices with just the right amount of sweetness. It is a perfect marriage smoked with a mix of mesquite & maple wood, we go low and slow on this ham.

INCLUDED: Each ham ordered comes with our Pink Pig BBQ Sauce!

Planning your Meal

These hams after smoking weight between 5.5LBs and 7LBS. We always strive to give you the best weight, the price is based on the 5.5LB weight.

When planning how many hams you need, assume that each person will be 4-6 ounces with all of the other traditional fixings for the holiday. If you are planning on the hams being a centerpiece, assume 8 ounces per person...

  • 12-15 Servings per person as part of the whole holiday meal
  • 10 Servings per person for a centerpiece meal. 

Order more, get it portioned and freeze it. These hams makes some of the best sandwiches and soups ever!

To Prepare...

  • Heat the oven to 275.
  • Rip a piece of foil that is about to cover it.
  • Put the ham fat side up in the middle of the foil.
  • Remove the string that wraps the ham, don’t pull it out when it sticks, pull it vertical so it slides out.
  • Using a coarse salt, spread salt on the ham, not tons. but enough to have a piece every 1/2 inch or so.
  • Gather up the foil and pack it around ham, but leave the whole top exposed as a vent and add salt on top.
  • Put on a pan that catches any fat if the foil breaks.
  • It will take 1.5 hours or so to heat up. Use a thermometer or poke a small knife in the middle and feel the tip with your lips, if it is warm, it is ready. It is fully cooked and remember you just want to reheat!
  • Scrap the excess salt onto a small plate and use it on the ham as you would a finishing salt.
  • Pink Pig BBQ Sauce is more spicy now, so put it on the ham slices as you eat it. 

These hams originate from butcher cut called the "Boston Butt". It is not trimmed or pressed and the ham will have more fat between the meat. Cut it out to your preferences and always keep a little fat as "that is flavor" and it is excellent.

PICKUP: Located in South Seattle. 

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