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Saluminator Automated Curing Appliance

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Saluminator IoT Automation and Curing Appliance

We designed the Saluminator for the production of fermented products Specifically for the automation of dry curing meats and other recipes that require control over temperature, humidity and time. Connected to the power of the cloud and through the acquisition of stream telemetry and machine learning, the Saluminator IoT Automation tunes itself to variances in the ambient environment and the characteristics of your specific curing chamber.

We designed the device as a fully “plug and play” solution with the following capabilities…

  • Powerful Linux Computer optimized for Automation of Fermentation Scenarios
  • Front Touchscreen (no keyboard/mouse required, but supported!)
  • HDMI Output Support
  • Wifi and Ethernet Support
  • AC Powered with Standard Computer Cord
  • USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse and Wifi Extensibility
  • Individual High Amperage Relays for Controlling the outboard devices like Humidifier, Heater, Dehumidifier, etc.

The Saluminator is a full on Linux computer based on a powerful Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 gigabytes of ram.

  • Open Standards
  • Based on the Raspberry Pi 4 (easily supports future upgrades)
  • Solid and built for reliability
  • Customizable with your specific colors and branding

  NEW! OPC-UA Industrial Version is Ready to Order!

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