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 Order Port Townsend Salumi's - Smoked Brisket

Our brisket is low and slow, Texas style seasoned simply with salt, cracked black pepper and red pepper.

We currently have 4 LBS of Brisket Available for Order

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Approximate weights will vary. You should assume 5 LBS for Half a Brisket and 10 LBS for a Whole Brisket.

Packaging Options

We vacuum seal your brisket and can cut it in 1/2 or 1/4. For example if you order a whole 10 LB brisket and specify [Package 1/2 Brisket], we will vacuum seal two 5 LB packages.


Mix of Brisket Cuts

Select Desired Mix of Brisket Cuts

Choose your mix of the brisket. For example, if you order a whole 10 LB brisket and want a fatty and lean end (the whole brisket as intended!), we will package accordingly

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